Welcome to VelvetBat Photography!

This page is all about my asian ball jointed dolls and my love to photograph them.
My goals are to have a really large collection of beautiful asian ball jointed dolls (but quality over quantity!) where most of them are customized by myself, and to improve as a photographer and share my photographs with you.
And as someone who is struggling with depression, chronic pain and chronic fatique I also want to show that no matter how difficult some things are, you should keep focussing on the things you love and follow your dreams!
But besides that, I also want to share some doll-related fun things, like box opening shoots when a new doll arrives, or some related DIY projects I am working on.

So you may have been asking yourself, what are asian ball jointed dolls exactly? Well, that’s fairly simple: they are dolls with ball-shaped joints and they are made in Asia. The ball-shaped joints make them really good for posing. Other than that, the dolls are made of resin,  and since you can change their eyes, wig and face-up, they are extremely customizable. You can even go a step further and do other modifications by sanding parts down or adding pieces of apoxy clay (for adding elf ears for example).

In the top menu you can see different pages. First of all, the Gallery is simply the gallery of my photoshoots, newest on top. The Blog page is about all the non-gallery posts. You can find box opening shoots, DIY projects, incoming, and probably some random stuff as well. If you hover over the “Blog” you will see a sub menu if you want to view only one of these categories. The My Dolls page is where I list the dolls I have by company name and mold/type. Lastly there is the “Links” page where I have some links to my other websites / profiles.

If you want to contact me you can simply write a comment on one of my posts. Or you can send my a private message at Den of Angels (if you are a member there, my username is VelvetBat) or DeviantArt.

Thank you very much for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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