New website!

Today I finally finished making a new layout for this website. And I made a lot of big changes as well. Instead of just a static page of my dolls, this page is now in blog format. I will post photoshoots of my dolls, and also some background related doll stuff, like box openings, talking about incoming dolls and future doll plans, and other doll-related things. I’m still not entirely sure what I will post in the blog part. Maybe I’ll discuss some big subjects in the BJD scene/hobby as well.
Either way, this page will all be about asian ball jointed dolls and my love to photograph them. :)
I have already included several posts in the gallery section. I didn’t include all my old pictures. Some are just not that great in quality, and the other reason was that it was simply too much work and I didn’t feel like doing that. XD If you really want to see all my older photographs as well, you could always check out my flickr or Deviant Art page.
I’ve also included 2 box opening shoots: the one from my Doll Chateau Alberta and the one of my Dollmore Trinity Jude. Both two very unique dolls, and so different from eachother! And different from the usual ball jointed dolls as well. (And that’s why I consider them to be unique dolls.)
I will not upload the older box opening shoots of my other dolls, but I will upload all future box opening shoots here.

Anyways, I hope you will like the new website. :)