Box Opening Doll Chateau Alberta

Exactly a week ago I recieved my Doll Chateau Alberta.
When I first saw the doll on the Doll Chateau website, I found her really weird, yet fascinating. She is a doll like I’ve never seen before. I have seen centaur dolls before, but she… she is a humantaur. The more I looked at her, the more I wanted her, and in January I ordered her through Angelesque. It was the first time I ordered something at Angelesque and I was very pleased with the transaction. Communication was really fast and friendly!

On to the pictures:

The box arrived

The Doll Chateau box

Inside the box: a very orange bag made of very soft materials.

Head, body, and extra hip part (so that I can turn her into a regular 2 legged girl if I want to)

The head

The body

Head on body

With my self-made dreadwig

My Alberta will get a tail, so this is me showing how it is supposed to look.
(but I will attach the tail after I am done modding her)

Side shot

Another close-up

I still have a lot of work to do on this doll. First I want to turn her body into a genderless one, so I am sanding down her breasts and she won’t get any nipples. After that I will remove her antlers and turn the remaining parts into elven ears. Then I will glue on her tail, give her different eyes (black ones) and do her face-up and make her some clothes. Her outfit will be odd and cybergothic-like. She will get 4 fluffy legwarmers in bright pink, a bright pink lycra hotpants (at front), a pink x black tulle skirt-something, a big neongreen bow at her tail, and a top with long wide sleeves made from neongreen lycra. I really hope that she will turn out exactly like I have planned in my mind!

And this is a picture of the doll completely unstrung:

I had to take her apart to hot glue her joints, and also because I was very curious to see how she is strung. And I found out that her behind legs are simply strung together with a seperate elastic running through the back of the body. And the front of her body is strung like a normal 2 legged doll.

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