Box Opening Dollmore Trinity Golden Jude

[Original post was written on February 22, 2013]

Today, my newest ball jointed doll has arrived! And she is very special, on multiple levels.
First of all, she is my last bal jointed dolls. I won’t buy any more dolls now because I am going to spend my money on moving to a different appartment and modular synthesizers.
Secondly, she is different from my current crew of dolls. She is normal skin, while all my other dolls are white, grey and tanned. Normal skin never worked for my since my dolls are fantasy dolls, and normal pink colour was too humanish for them. But this doll will stay human. She is not part of the fantasy crew. And while my fantasy crew only has 1 outfit per doll, this doll will have plenty. I don’t want 1 certain look for her, I want to change it often with different wigs, eyes and outfits.
But the third reason why she is special, is because she is REALLY big.

When I got into the bjd scene, 70cm dolls were kinda rare. They were considered big. But slowly more and more companies started to make 70cm dolls and now it is just a normal size. 80cm dolls however are now considered special. Out of my head I only know 2 company lines that have 80cm dolls: Dollmore Lusion and Soom Mecha Angel. The Lusions are like little kids and the Mecha Angels look more like adults.
And now this dolls. Trinity sized. She is 105 cm tall. Yeah, almost like a little kid itself.
Luckily she looks a lot more mature. I wouldn’t really want a kid-look-alike.

So I was really looking forward to recieve her and today I finally got her! So here is a picture spam of her:

The really big box!

Dollmore carrier bag together with some free stuff (a Dollmore calender, a pair of black boots, a black wig, a pair of lovely blue eyes and a picture of their Lusion Daish).

Carrier bag open, and the extra stuff I ordered with her (2 pairs of MSD socks, a pair of green eyes), plus the random wig that came with the doll.

Bubblewrap monster!

Her hand, and my hand as a comparison with it

Her lovely face

A close-up of the beautiful default Golden Jude face-up by Dollmore

With the light brown wig

With the black wig

First time standing!

Size comparison with hound-size (Soom Heliot) and SD size (Luts delf Dark Elf Soo)

Comparison with MSD size (Doll Chateau Alberta & Soom Mylo)

Comparison with tiny and Yo-SD sized dolls (Puki ante multihead on resinsoul tiny body & Soom Ai)

My tallest doll together with my smallest doll

The chair I bought for her earlier fits as if it was made for her! And the 2 pairs of toddler shoes I bought fit perfectly for her as well! ^_^

I am very happy with her. She is an expensive doll, yes, but if you look at what you recieve: a doll carrier, a dress, a wig, a pair of eyes, and a BIG chunk of resin beauty!
The only downsize is that she is HEAVY. I went on the scale with her and she is 8 kilos.
Posing her is a bit difficult at first due her weight, but when you get the hang of it she poses quite well actually.

Personally I am not really happy with the wigs. I don’t like the style and I feel like they are not a perfect fit either. (they are actually lusion wigs). But I was planning to make my own wigs out of human sized wigs anyways, so for a temporary wig these will do fine. And personally I prefer the light coloured wig over the black one.
At this moment I am working on a pink dreadwig for her. Which is a lot of work and I am almost half-way with making the dreads, so that will take a while before it is finished.

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