About Me

Welcome to my page! I am VelvetBat, I am 25 years old and I am living in the Netherlands.

I am a huge fan of Asian Ball Jointed Dolls and it is my passion to collect them, style them and photograph them.

It started back in 2007 when I part of a Dutch forum about the Japanse lolita fashion. There I saw a topic about asian ball jointed dolls. And first I thought these dolls were really interesting, but also very expensive! So I tried to keep them out of my mind. But then a couple of months later I was at a dutch event called the Gothic en Fantasy Beurs in Rijswijk, and there I saw the stand of Think Pink!. They are the biggest ball jointed doll dealer/agent in the Netherlands. Back then they only carried a few brands, and they also took a lot of their own dolls with them for display. I fell in love. I couldn’t get them out of my head anymore and not long after I ordered my first doll, who arrived on February 8, 2008. And from there on, my collection and passion for these dolls only grew bigger and bigger.

Aside from just the collecting part, I really enjoy styling them. I try to do most of the face-ups myself, I often make (dread)wigs for my dolls, and I sew most of their clothes. With this, you can give each doll a very personal and unique look.

And then the photography part… I already had a slight interest in photography before I started collecting these dolls. But the bjd hobby got me really interested in photography as well. I usually use my Nikon D80 DSLR camera with a Nikon 18-200mm zoom lens for the real photoshoots and on some quick snapshots I use my Canon PowerShot SX210 IS compact camera.
Looking back at my first photographs I have improved a lot, but I still want to improve more and more. Hopefully on this blog you will see the progress!